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Sophie's Australia Adventure

Gone Bananas

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today, we visited the banana farm. There were a lot of bananas there, but we didn't get to sample any. We DID get to ride around the farm on a truck that was NOT meant for humans, stand at the edge of a waterfall, and see a spider the size of my hand.

Oh yeah...and then there was the discovery of the amazing

Vol-Tan-O !

When we got on the truck (towed by a tractor and used for carting thousands of kilos of bananas), it was covered in mud. A rich, red, volcanic soil mud. And a lot of people got pretty messy. Most people looked at the muck and said "Ew!" or perhaps, "Yuck", or even "Cool!" But Mrs. McGuire? Mrs. McGuire said "Oooh, it makes a great spray-tan!"

Mrs. McGuire has been, by the way, comparing herself the entire trip to the sun. We worked on applying the "miracle tan" to Mrs. McGuire's arms, back, and face. Next we did the same thing for Laura. But Mrs. McGuire wasn't satisfied. "We should share with the entire world!"

And, with that, we had a product.

Vol-Tan-O !
"Because you're hot!"
A combination of all-natural Volcanic Enriched Powder (Alec's idea) and fresh spring water, Vol-Tan-O's amazing resluts will blow you away!

We are currently working on an array of similar products.


Olie said...

That sounds like fun, but how is that a "spray tan?" If you had to rub it on her, it's technically not a "spray"...just saying. Also, is it very hot there, because I would imagine it wasn't. I mean, there must not be any sun if you need a fake tan...huh...I wonder...hmmmm...
Also, how big are the bananas on said banan farm? And, how tall are the trees there. I am asking, because I have never been to Australia, nor have I seen a banana farm, so I have nothing to really compare to, or any idea at that of what a banana farm even looks like.

SBridgesDSA said...

Hey Olie! Um, about the spray tan...we just called it that for no apparent reason... it was pretty hot that day, but Mrs. McGuire doesn't tan easily. The bananas were normal sized, and the trees were about 11-12 feet. A banana farm looks like rows and rows of trees with plastic bags on them (the bananas grow inside the plastic bags).

Carly said...

This sounds like a fun adventure. How many trees do you think there were in the banana farm? Did you seriously see a spider the size of your hand?! Wow! How do you compare yourself to the sun? That's pretty weird. How big do you think a banana farm really is? I bet it's pretty huge.Also, do you know why the bananas grow in plastic bags?

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