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Sophie's Australia Adventure

Healesville Sanctuary and Queen Victoria Market

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today we enjoyed “sleeping in” until 7 am. We then boarded our stagecoach for the 1 hour drive to Healesville Sanctuary. At the sanctuary, we got to look at koalas, emus, sugar gliders, a spotted python, and two types of possums. After this, we observed a veterinarian disemboweling a kangaroo. It was disgusting but fascinating. I admired the bravery of the kids who stayed in the room with the vet while the rest of us watched from behind glass (smell-proof glass), but I also admired Mrs. McGuire for knowing to turn away before the intestines came out. Yick! Luckily, lunch was not right after this activity. We had to go to the bird show first. I think that the show was my favorite part of the Sanctuary. I saw several really amazing birds, including a wedgetail eagle, a blackbreasted buzzard, and a kite. They were truly beautiful.

We were very excited to get to spend time at the Queen Victoria Market. Although the market was built in the 19th century, it is anything but old-fashioned. For one thing, the open market is entirely solar-powered. At the Queen Vic, you can buy anything from fresh fruit and veg to boxing kangaroo pens. I enjoyed eating donuts from the world-famous donut truck and buying a couple souvenirs. It was a great way to soak up some Melbourne culture and a great end to our stay in Melbourne. Tomorrow morning we board our flight to Alice Springs! I can't wait! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh I was at Victoria Market! My sister and I got two boxing kangaroo pens!

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